Majority of us believe in rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. No doubt it’s true, but when it is asked to the non-rich man about their view, they say that either rich man possess something which they don’t know or they are having inherent. When I asked some of my friends too that what do they think why wealthy are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Some of the answers were they possess a good job with a high salary, they are having family businesses and even the majority of them owns high corpus with them. But the actual reality is different. They work hard and harder, control the volatility of their extremes thoughts of being rich and poor. They play wisely and keep on working continuously to achieve their targets.

It contains lots of things to be rich but there are some common factors which lead them to be rich smoothly are the following:


To come in the category of luxurious first and foremost step is to think like you want to become. As more the mindset is migrated towards the rich thoughts more possibility is to fall in the category of rich. Now, how do rich people think?  They think of acquiring more knowledge, belief in poverty is the root cause of evil, dream big and high. They take the uncertain challenges as the saying goes without pain no gain, possess action mentality. Rich always think about money with all the positive aspects, consistently follow their passion. They always get ready to take the risk, never get afraid about what will happen if certain things won’t take place. They never let the poor mind harm on them. These are some of the thinking of a rich man which can be followed to come in the bracket to afford luxuries.

HOW TO BE RICH - Think Rich
HOW TO BE RICH – Think Rich


It is something towards which all the factors have to follow unless the potential is found either inside or outside. Because if the core potential is not known all the time, energy will waste which lead towards the demotivation. It forced to think like why it’s not getting achieved even after giving all the efforts. The best way to find the potential is to do SWOT ANALYSIS  (Strength Weakness Opportunities Thread ).

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Rich can be gain via both the way of using inner potential or external. I.e if we see singers, dancers, actors and others they used inner core potential to reach the loud. Therefore business and investment are not the only way to be rich. Inner core potential is another way of being rich. One must find their potential like people talk in the stock market which is the next company performing well. Unless they do some research or analysis it can’t find the best performing company. The core principles work in the same way in many scenarios.


If we see any successful rich man like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The main and foremost thing found is discipline. One has to be disciplined to achieve any success in their life because this is the factor which leads towards the first step of being wealthy or to achieve any goals. If the person has started investment and not disciplined then wealth can not grow. One won’t able to accumulate more money and can not retain it for a longer time.

That’s true to start something for the first time to be discipline becomes a little tough. But it is possible by breaking the task into sub-task. There’s a rule of 21/90 which means it takes 21 days to be discipline and 90 days to make it habit for the whole life. Maintain the frequency of work which could lead you to be rich.


Whatever the decision is made to be rich either through investment or buys running a business etc. The next step is to take action against it. Now here it sounds easy to act but it takes lots of patience determinants and focuses to act upon. Which all of us know but don’t follow because we all want to be rich overnight or easily which is seem less. It was asked to one of the wealthy men that you became rich overnight then the wealthy man replied that the night was too long which nobody thinks of or believe.

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Now here the result goes in favour of others because you consult as you know the ideas and others whom you shared the ideas become richer or make more money because he/she acted upon your ideas and you didn’t. Therefore it’s too important to take action, as one of the young entrepreneurs said think patiently and implement impatiently. To know more about how compounding works patiently click here.

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