It takes a long and disciplined journey to be a billionaire and some of the top and common thought process and believe are discussed below in detail.

Determination to succeed

To be successful determination is required, which always makes you work consistently to be a billionaire.

It doesn’t matter how far and hard is that goal, none of those will let you down if you work with determination.

This possesses the quality, the power, the feelings and the emotion which anyhow make you work.

If you’re already having these elements then good and if not then crop up and make those to work for coming billionaire, who’s you.


There is a science it’s said that energy can not be produced, it can only be transferred from one state to another.

To work on the path of billionaire you may have to sacrifice your family, friends or enjoyment etc.

But keep in mind none of those sacrifices will be waste because you are forming yourself in another state.

It may be your mind will be confused for some movements whether you’re doing right or not. But here it’s you who will have to convince your conscious mind that you are on the right track.

Therefore make the thought process and belief system in a way that these sacrifices are not the sacrifices. These are something which is going to change in another form henceforth you will get all those in another form.

Read as much as possible

Books what I call is the sea of knowledge and information which is equally important to have just like experience.

The autobiography of a successful entrepreneur, how to think rich, and how to be billionaire etc kind of book will teach you the various lessons.

All these books are either written after doing research or from personal experiences, which made them be a billionaire.

How should a person think to be a billionaire- Read as much as possible
How should a person think to be a billionaire- 1 Figure – Read as much as possible

Foremost important, you will get to know the mistakes made by them, which you won’t try to do the same.

You may be wise but after reading these books you will become wiser.

The research found that the successful top CEOs read 50 books per year, and the average person hardly 1.5 books per year.

The habit of reading books must be cultivated. Initially maybe a little boring but once you make it a habit, believe me, it will take you to be a billionaire.

Step out from comfort zone and take risk

This is very obvious that we work for good and comfort life. Then some of you would think why should we step out when we are already getting that zone.

This is the zone which all of us want because we get happiness in that. As happy harmony releases more here in comfort zone.

Now as behind everything some reasons are associated, find out those. If you find the reason, like because of getting everything on time and you don’t have to worry. Then keep in mind it won’t take you to be a billionaire if you get trapped by this zone.

If you step out from comfort zone and start thinking like rich and billionaire, will force you to work hard. Click here to know types of income earned by billionaire

And as you start working hard and think to be successful will automatically lead you to take the risk. Now from here own words you will realise that you are making rich zone instead of the comfort zone. Because you have stepped out from comfort zone and started taking risks.

Find out Strength

This is the strength which leads to work faster towards the path of billionaire if you are already having.

If you are not having the strength and want to be rich then bring strength in you.  

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Find what you are good in, what makes you work unconsciously and continuously these will help you to find strength.

On the other hand, start doing activities which are related to your goals and ambition which will help you in developing strength.

If you find any billionaires they possess a good strength which always help them to be consistent, what makes them sustain wealth.

As you get to know about your strength then fly with it towards the path of the billionaire.

Learn to manage time

There’s a simple saying that time is money.

We all know Nobody can bring it for more than 24 hours. But you can bring more hours to work on your goals.

It can only happen if you start using your time wisely. Learn the art of managing time so that you can also make your time money for you.

If you are not able to understand that where the time is being wasted make notes and analyse.  Write the schedule of time and adjust accordingly i.g if it’s taking more time to travel for office then read a book.

How should a person think to be a billionaire- 2 Figure - Learn to manage time
How should a person think to be a billionaire- 2 Figure – Learn to manage time

The study shows that those who plan in advance and work accordingly are more disciplined towards the goals.

Therefore, start working according to the plan and follow strictly, because we too lack while it comes to the implications.

So play wisely with your time and let it be money for you, don’t let it be said only. To know how time factor pay in compounding (clicks here).

Find a mentor

A mentor is someone who keeps you on showing the path all the time whenever required.

They may be your parent, teacher or successful people who have achieved something and capable of making others achieve.

You must watch Evan Carmichael’s video on the same by clicking here.

They hold your hand in a tough situation, don’t let you down distract and gear you up to pace the race. They sometimes work like a law or principles which are proven the truth.

As the benchmark is required to measure the performance in the same way a mentor is required.

Make your Ideal and follow them accordingly and take the path of being rich and billionaire.

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